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At The Studio Paint Bar, we are fortunate to have a team of talented and professional Artists. They are part of the heart of The Studio. Their ideas, their artwork, their expertise and their lovely personalities enrich the experience at our one-of-a-kind events! Meet them here!

Aisling McKeown

Instagram- @ourstudiogirl

If you follow The Studio on Instagram, you may recognize Aisling dancing and singing all over the studio. Her classes are fun and accessible, even for absolute beginners- but always with a side serving of art nerd. She has been painting all her life, is an OCAD graduate from the Drawing and Painting program and her classes incorporate traditional techniques disguised as entertaining (and usually funny) exercises, sometimes accompanied by equally side-splitting sound effects. Even in her advanced classes she has a knack for teaching serious technique super fun way, as she believes it promotes creativity and comprehension.

She has taught countless classes over the years and has refined her analogies to break down instructions so you don’t break down into tears.

Aisling is our master of the street scene, but also so much more. If you come across a painting with dark colours, bright lights, swooshy landscapes (Such a technical term, I know), Yodas, and super dramatic Bollywood Scenes- her newest specialty (How does an Irish girl specialize in Bollywood? She's had a great Bollywood master teacher...), then you know you're painting an Aisling Original.

As it turns out, she comes by it honestly. Her father, Dermot McKeown, is an accomplished artist and teacher and together they have a YouTube series called Our Studio Series ( To make sure she’s the real deal check out her paintings at

Leticia Powers

Instagram- @leticia_powers

Beautiful soul Leticia is a lover of art, animals and good vibes. She studied sculpture at EASD Valencia, Spain

and won a few awards in various different international contests for her work.

She has a really wonderful and gentle way of connecting with children and their creative side through art and has been teaching kids for over five years. Leticia runs the majority of our children's art classes at The Studio and they are always full of informative facts and art history that comes from her extensive arts education.

Her themes in art are always animals and nature but she has been branching out lately into incorporating her favourite themes into surrealism. She has also been inspired by Canadian art and has been painting many Canadian landscapes in a Group of Seven inspired style.

Leticia is also super versatile in what she paints and what she teaches. She loves to do portraits and commissions. Fact: How we actually found Leticia is from a Beatles portrait she posted on her instagram. (PS. Did you know The Studio is a huge Beatles fan and so is she? She learned English JUST because of The Beatles!)  

Acrylic is her main medium, but she has been doing a lot of digital work, and enjoys  pencil and water colour art a lot. She is super versatile- painting anything from classical paintings, to comic books to book illustrations, murals and so much more. The wonderful thing about Leticia is that she is super inspiring to others as she is always experimenting with art, always teaching and always learning!

Taryn Jacobs:

Instagram- @warmfriendlydesigner

Taryn Jacobs a graphic designer/artist from here in Mississauga. She studied Design at York University/Sheridan College and loves to lean on her technical design skills while painting at The Studio.

Taryn takes inspiration from nature and human connection. Her favourite mediums include digital, pencil, acrylic and oil pastel.

At The Studio, Taryn specializes in teaching landscapes and anything design related. You can tell you are painting a Taryn Original by the beautiful muted colours, the soft touch of the background landscapes and the and cozy themes of her paintings.

She is an old soul and loves mellow, old school and classic tunes.

“Every artist dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

-Henry Ward Beecher

Make it a meaningful and deeply inspiring experience. We will lead you through a premium experience that is guaranteed to be unsurpassed because of our exemplary customer service, the quality of our artists and teachers as well as our ability to host an amazing party!

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