Sunday, February 18, 2018

In Honour of #Nationaldrinkwineday- we wanted to feature our most favourite image of wine- which is The Studio Logo. We are so in love with this logo and here is the story why.  

Back in early 2017, we had already been doing paint parties for 2 years, and searching for our studio space.  As our business started growing, we decided that this dream was fast becoming a reality and we needed to solidify our brand and get our website ready for the next step.  After a glowing referral from the amazing Mississauga Symphony Orchestra, we decided to reach out to Chargefield Inc. as the first step in our small business dream.  

John from Chargefield spent many hours listening to our ideas for our business and really got to know what was at the heart of what we were doing.  This was the most amazing and almost therapeutic part of us developing our business, and he made it so easy.  We told him all about the look and feel of our dream space as well as the vision we had and he somehow magically distilled that into the final design that you see in the image above.The elements of the logo he designed are as follows:The colours are a luxurious black and gold, representing the chic feel of our brand and the space and experience we love to create for our clients.There is a wine glass representing the wine bar and wine and paint parties that we do.Inside the glass, the wine is sloshing around, representing a fun and party atmosphere, and the enjoyment of sharing a drink with friends.The movement of the wine also subtly forms a heart, which represents the giving back part of our hearts.  

At The Studio, we always have a focus on community involvement, giving back to the community and to charitable causes. And lastly, the paint brush is present, tying the art and wine together and stirring up the fun.This logo has been at the heart of growing our brand. When we give out our card, people love the image so much.  We have worn it on t-shirts for special events, and have actually gotten requests from people to buy them.  Our clients instantly get the feel of our brand from the look of our logo and that is why we are so in love with it.  Thank you Chargefield for making our brand come to life.For more information on our brand and what we are all about, please check out our beautiful website, also designed by Chargefield.

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