The One Where We Went Virtual

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ready, set, paint!

It's super easy but there is a little prep involved to create a seamless and fun session.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your virtual paint party:

  1. Set up: make sure you have a large table or flat surface to work from.
  2. Log in: A link will be sent to you by your event host or instructor. Log-in and test the link at least 15 minutes before the event start time. You will be muted upon entry.
  3. Eat, drink...: Get your drink of choice and food to keep your energy. Sometimes your party host may have provided food or drink options. Things are about to get really exciting...
  4. Be merry: This is not just a lesson, it's hours of engaging, painting fun! If you have a sommelier-led wine tasting, you're in for an extra treat.

PRO TIP: Hook up your online session to a TV or sign-in on your computer so you can see all the details from the instructor's screen.

What's included in your kit: 

  • Table cloth: Lay your table cloth on the flat surface and spread it out. Let a little lip hang over the edge of the table. Tape down the sides for added security.
  • Canvas: Put your canvas flat on top of the table cloth. You can always lean your canvas against a sturdy foundation and put a heavy paperweight in front of it to keep it from sliding (it will get paint on it so make sure it's not a super nice paperweight).
  • Plate & Paint: Distribute your paint into toonie-sized blobs on the paper plate. Leave little gaps for mixing colours.
  • Paint brushes: You will receive 3 different-sized paint brushes. Dip them in the water and blot them on the napkins to get the excess water out.
  • Water cup: Fill up a cup with an inch of water. This is for your paintbrushes. You may need to change the water during the middle break.
  • Paper towel: A paper towel or old soft towel will be used to blot your paintbrushes and get the excess water/ paint out.

Instructor and moderator roles: 

Along with your professional artist, a session moderator will be assigned to your paint party. What does the moderator do? The moderator is available for the full duration of the session at a designated phone number (which will be given to you with your session link before the event). They will be available to assist with any technical difficulties, questions or comments during the session so the flow of the instruction is not interrupted with the instructor. The instructor is always available for any painting-related questions (example: mixing colours, asking them to give instructions flower or faster, if you have a question about a specific technique for painting etc;). Previous questions that people have asked the moderator is: when they are unable to log-in, can't find their link, or have questions about their kit supplies. If you're not sure who to ask, you can always call the moderator. Make sure your mic is on mute so the rest of the guests can hear the instructor while the moderator addresses your question.

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