The Studio Sip Session: What is a Virtual Wine Tasting Party? Our first Wine-101

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sip Session 1: The One with the Wine 01


I am J (Julia-the Founder and CEO of The Studio).

I host Virtual Wine Tasting Sessions known as The Studio Sip Sessions with

Lo (Lauren- My partner in Wine...)

(We also are super-fans of JLo- she's just such an inspiring person for entrepreneurs like ourselves. Would you agree as well?)

Since the beginning of Studio Time, and maybe even way beyond, Lo and I have always loved chatting about wine.

And so we decided to make it a thing- every Saturday at 5 pm on our IG Live and sometimes our Facebook Live.

We welcomed Guest Sommelier Martin Zikmund, who expertly talked us through a simple Wine 101.

Did you know that Martin was the Sommelier that taught us all we needed to know about opening our wine bar? We consulted with him to pick and choose wines to our theme, look and feel and plan a menu that would expertly showcase the character of the wines we fell in love with. Martin's expertise as a Sommelier helped us sift through the options of wine that we were interested in to invest in wines that would make our opening a hit. Since opening, we have maintained a changing wine portfolio to really allow our guests to be treated to a boutique wine bar experience right here in Mississauga.

Our viewers were treated to a great interactive experience during our Sip Session of being able to Ask The Sommelier questions like how to pair wines with their dinners that evening, how to choose wines for Indian foods, or pair wines with dessert. He was so fast and so adept at picking the right pairings for our guests!

When tasting a red wine and to appreciate colour, Martin showed us how to use a white paper or napkin to show the brickiness or redness of the wine. As a red wine matures, colours start to fade and pale. (from Wine

What is a Virtual Wine01?

Our sessions are casually planned. We try to aim for 20-30 minutes based on the topic but our audience engages us and asks questions and we love that! So this session went for 45 minutes as we talked about the following topics and answered a lot of guest questions:

  • How to taste a red wine- we tasted a beautiful Bourbon Barrel Reserve Baco Noir from Pelee Island Winery that was rich with the taste of a toasted barrel.  What does that mean? You gotta watch Martin talk about it in our virtual wine tasting session!
  • How to taste a white wine- we tasted a subtle beauty of a Côtes Du Rhône.  In Port Credit Mississauga, our wine bar is one of the only places that likes to focus on French wines when we get our hands on them.  Italian wines are amazing and beautiful, and we love to drink and serve them and revel in the sun that shines through the sips, but the French wines have a certain je ne sais quois!
  • How do you pair foods with certain reds or whites- Martin provides a primer. Pairing foods greatly enhances the experience of the wine, and wine is so much about the experience.
  • What is the right way to pour a wine- Martin pours a nice and dapper service and he teaches us how

And our fabulous viewers had a chance to win a Golden Ticket to The Studio!  A Golden ticket is a gift card that gives you access to our paint sessions, art kits or contactless and curbside pickup of wine and beer.

Be sure to join us on our next one! Follow us on Instagram- Follow us @thestudiopaintbar to see our behind the scenes, get notifications on when we do our free virtual wine tasting and tasting parties and also to learn about our paint night parties in Mississauga as well as our curbside pickup and delivery options for our exclusive and yummy wines and craft beers!

Want us to talk about a wine subject that matters to you? Email us and we will try our best to include them in our upcoming Studio Sip Sessions!

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