Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Paint With Your Dad

Friday, June 12, 2020

1. Dad's love to be a hero. And therefore they love challenges. And our paint parties are the perfect mix of challenge and chill (can we coin that hashtag? #challengeandchill). He’s probably never done it before...or at least since high school or shop class- so that brings in the challenge element. And if he's an artist- its still going to be fun for him. I mean, the painting was styled after Chill Pil, a Pilsner by local brewery, Stonehooker.

2. You can add Beer (or wine if he fancy like that...) to the package! YES! YOU CAN! Brushes and beers!!! Imagine that! Get him an all-inclusive gift package courtesy of The Studio Paint Bar complete with a 6-pack of beer, canvas, paint brushes, paint, mixing tray and table cloth to truly show how appreciative you are of Dad. What doesn’t say “I love you” like a cold, six pack of tall boys and a fully loaded gift bag? Plus, included in the session is a walk and talk by the brewery founder Ross!

3. Dad needs his alone time and that doesn’t mean it has to be under the scorching sun, mowing the lawn. Let him relax this Fathers Day with a nice cold one and set him up with The Studio Paint Bar’s Art class with no distractions, no kids and no yard work! Not until after the painting is done, anyway. So set up a virtual studio for him inside the house or outside on the patio or in the freshly cut grass ( done by Dad maybe that morning....) or right out there on the balcony, and stay safe while having fun at home!

Brushes and Beer in the Backyard- the perfect way to stay safe and have fun at home with Dad.

4. You will give your Dad a chance to show off. This painting is so lakeside chic, and so beautiful and so easy, that HE CANNOT GET IT WRONG. So you will be guaranteed a beautiful painting to put up on your wall! It is perfect for the cottage, your bedroom, his den! OR Paint it with him so he can say he did it better than you :) Flattery is the perfect gift too.

5. It will give him a chance to embrace a new identity. He'll make you call him any or all of the following: 

Dad-casso, Dadatello, Dad-Vinci, Daddy Warhol, Dad-Gogh- Sal-DAD-dor, Dali/ Salvador Daddy, whatever fits!

All in all- you will be the favourite child because he will never forget the rush of the brush on the canvas, the 2.5 hours of quality time, and the feeling of achievement when he is done painting.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to this link to get dad the perfect Father’s Day gift from The Studio. Unique, manly, creative and relaxing, with beer! The Perfect Day for Dad!

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