Top 5 Tips to Enjoy a Canadian Fall Patio

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Fall has finally arrived and the cold weather is not far behind. Fear not, We The North do not let cold temperatures stop us from experiencing all that our amazing local restaurants have to offer.

So here are the Top 5 Tips we can learn from our inner Canadian to enjoy the mot of our new fall patio season!

1. Order the right warm and boozy drink - Did you know there are some perfect drinks that will warm you right up to the core? Try any of these:

Hot Toddy

Warmed Brandy

Mulled Wine

Hot Spiked Chocolate

This fall, The Studio Paint Bar has specifically curated the perfect alcoholic and non-alcoholic warming drink lineup. Check it out below and make a reservation below through the link here: Studio Patio Reservations

The Ice Queen Martini, The Spiced Hot Chocolate, The Maplesauga Sour and The Studio Mulled Wine are all perfect to enjoy on our fall Studio Patio.

2. Find a Heated Patio: Businesses all over have been working hard to make guests comfortable while keeping their restaurants open this fall as never before in the GTA has a fall patio season been so critical to keeping things going.  By coming out to your local favourites on their patios, you will be safely supporting the small businesses that need it the most. The heaters are hard to come by, BUT they can definitely help the weather stay at bay. See our Top Picks for Patios in Mississauga here!

3. Wear The Right Wardrobe:  Flannel lined jeans, Layered outfits that comprise of a sweater, an undershirt and a fall jacket really helps to regulate temperature as you sit on the patio. Sometimes you’ll want to remove a layer as you sip on a hot drink, or you’ll need to add a scarf on top of what you already have. Fall fashions are so cute already, so why not show off your favourite fall outerwear while enjoying drinks with your friends.

Check out this article from Narcity with some great fall fashion

Or follow the following fashion influencers from Instagram to keep up to fall fashion trends and how to transition from summer to fall with your fashion closet. Men's fashion included!

4. The Snuggle is Real:  As long as they are in your bubble, find a snuggle partner to enjoy the sights and sounds from your favourite patio. Bring an airpod or two and listen to some music of your choice unless there are some awesome tunes on the patio already. Pair that with a paint session for two and it's a guaranteed formula for a warm and fuzzy time.

5. BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) - This is the newest trend for the fall of 2020.  Knowing that patios are one of the safest ways to dine out this year, more and more blankets are becoming available that are fashionable as well. Have you seen the #hermesblanketchallenge on tiktok?  It is time to pull out those throws, or invest in a snoogle. We have got some suggestions and a shopping list for you here. Not only will you be warm and comfortable, but you will also get the jealous looks from other patio goers who wished they were smart enough to think of this first. You’re welcome, Love- The Studio.

Bring a cozy blanket and you'll be able to stay as long as your heart desires on any patio.

At The Studio Paint Bar, we wanted to create a safe and fun experience for all our guests to continue to enjoy our paint and sip patio. We have set up our tables to be as distanced as possible and clean high touch surfaces as well as tables and chairs as often as we can.  We hope to keep bringing our unique patio experience to all our wonderful guests for as long as we can so use these top tips and be a true Canadian! Come support a fall patio season at a safe small business near you!

Thank you for reading!

The Studio


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