The Painting Library

Welcome to Our Painting Library!
Did you know that we host all sorts of Private Events?

Corporate Events, Birthdays, Bachelorettes, Showers, Anniversaries, Mobile events, parties for Adults or Kids or name it, we do it!
-We require a minimum commitment of 12 guests for a private event
-Adult events can be scheduled anytime
-Kids events can be scheduled over the weekend only between 10am-5pm
-Catering options include antipasto and charcuterie platters, appetizer platters and full meals
-Just pick a date, time and painting and we'll handle the rest!

Here is a sample of some of our most popular paintings:
Please note: 
L1 is a very simple and easy painting typically done in 2 hours.
L2 is a more complicated painting, still for all skill-levels, but is more detailed so will be done in 2.5 hours.
L3 is a more complicated painting, still for all skill-levels, but will take up to 3 hours due to its detail level.

Brushes and Bollywood Beats- Guy finally gets Girl- L2

Show me the Monet! L1

A Trillion Trilliums

Gustav's Garden

Mo' Monet, Mo' Problems!-L2


Pig Gogh!- Created for Mississauga VegFest

Brushes and Beers-L2

Serenity Now!- L2

Papa Don't Peony...

A Van Gogh Spring

Owl Be There For You- L1

The Parisian Street Scene-L2

The Studio Wave-L2

The Venetian Street Scene-L1

St. Patrick's Stash-L1

Under my Umber-ella - L1

Vive la France - 2hr

I love you, Birch! -L1

Poppin' Poppies - L1

Magical Lanterns-L2

As a Dolphin- Kids-L1

Monochromatic Magic-L1

Strawberry Fields Forever-L1


Bachelorette Party with Model

Beach Escape - L1

Christmas Glow - L1

Staring at the Sunset- L1

Kids - Dinosaur-L1

Kids - Rocket-L1

Kids - The Squid -L1

Kids - Ninja-L1

Kids - Jelly Fish! L1

Kids - Volcano! L1

Sarah's Sunset-L1

The Canadian Street Scene-L2

Two of Us - The Chickadees-L2

Shine Bright Like a CardiB-L2

Winter is Coming-L1

The Port Credit St. Scene-L3

Christmas Glow '18 Edition-L1

Brushes and Bellydancing-L2

A Classic #GNO (Guys Night Out)-L1

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WINE Gewürztraminer Lola

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Prosecco Serre- Imported from Italy

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The Studio Blank Canvas

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Studio Preferred Paintbrushes

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